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What is online therapy?

Online therapy provides you the opportunity for convenience and psychological outcomes. Online therapy is a new method to classical face to face therapy. Like photography; analogue and digital, they are two different methods. However, based on empirical research the psychological outcomes are similar.

Online therapy is an extension of psychological services that I have been offering since 2005. Consulting from the busiest medical centre in the city as a Senior Psychologist I have over 14000 hours of clinical expertise. I have also worked locum on the eastern seaboard side of Australia as well as in regional areas. In addition I have consulted in specialist pain and trauma clinics as well as a psychiatric hospital. http://www.pjobpsych.com.au

In addition to qualifications and experience in psychology, I have taught over one hundred students with video conferencing. While in Japan for a year I consulted in a multi media centre that taught five languages. I only taught English but there were varying ages and stages of students. Online therapists require attentiveness, sound communication and expression for results using a two dimensional format. Based on the requirement to teach students a foreign language online, adapting to new technology was essential for results.

Online Therapist

Peter J O’Brien

Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) Charles Sturt University, University of Sydney

Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology – University of Western Sydney

Diploma in Psychological Practice – College of Professional Psychology

Psychological Therapy allows you the freedom to discuss your thoughts as well as experiences that may have previously been avoided, unresolved, or too uncomfortable to discuss. In our sessions you are encouraged to say the things you could not say anywhere else, express feelings that may have been laughed or frowned on by the outside world so we are able to alleviate any persisting pressure from unpleasant thoughts. Our sessions are kept confidential and your initial consent is required as per federal requirements. Security of platform password details is your responsibility so make appropriate arrangements.

I have been described as an intuitive therapist who can casually develop therapeutic alliance. These qualities along with over thirteen years of relevant psychological work experience, an enthusiasm for treatment outcomes, and continuing professional development are what make me a bonafide as well as an effective therapist. Therapeutic alliance is critical for us to establish real and worthwhile changes that are tailored for you. My therapeutic practice is calm, requires some insight to your emotions, and then we both establish suitable directions to make positive changes.

The therapeutic modalities incorporated in our sessions are based on my ability to provide them accordingly and outcomes that have been achieved as a result. This includes Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Schema Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Psychodynamic, Interpersonal, Narrative, Motivational Interviewing and Relapse Prevention. Further my ongoing research of global neurobiological experiments is helpful in providing more information of how the brain operates. Neuroefeedback can allow clients to know what areas of the brain they may need to alter.

Practicing in a Medical Centre provides a more general comprehension of current issues that are affecting people in their everyday behaviors. The level of dysfunction varies and for some clients we can resolve their concerns by providing relevant strategies in four to six sessions. The types of therapy introduced are based on what symptoms are occurring an therefore what strategies you may best identify with in changing.
Practicing in a Pain Clinic has embedded specialist knowledge to provide coping skills for clients with concerning levels of chronic pain. The Pain Clinic incorporated a multi-disciplinary environment with other treatment professionals. With effective consistent communication we were able to increase the rate of rehabilitation and provide a sustainable future for clients suffering from chronic pain.

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