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Petr J O'Brien

Why Psyche Net is right for you


In a constantly changing environment making your life easier appeals to many. Online therapy provides and new method for interaction which means you can be anywhere during your consultation. Based on over 12000 hours clinical experience Peter has developed a repertoire of best practice psychological methods. In addition to comprehending the requirements for sight and sound video conferencing techniques.


Counselling traditional required a physical presence to operate. This then encompassed leasing a consultation room, an agent and administration team. With online therapy these requirements are not required so you the client benefits. The current rate makes it very affordable in contrast to the APS recommended fee of $251. This is in contrast to the current affordable rate of $85 utilising Psyche net – click here.


The research continues to support video conferencing as a valid method of psychological therapy. It stands to reason that talk therapy; the classic term, works effectively as what is required is communicating with an experienced professional to make positive change. Please review the articles section for more details.

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Dynamic, affordable and effective psychological therapy; online

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